Helping Prepare Your Child for a Return to School

Coming out of lockdown, both you and your child might be feeling uneasy and uncertain about them having to return to school after so many months of homeschooling and the many routine changes you have had to make. 

Here are some tips which might help you prepare for the transition:

  1. Discuss how your child is feeling about going back to school and try not to assume what they are thinking. They may feel worried or scared but also excited about returning to school. No matter how they feel, let them know that it is ok to have a mixture of feelings and that everyone is going back to school with similar feelings.
  2. Give your child guidance and advice about the new routine and school day. This will help them to prepare for any changes that have been made to the times of lessons and other parts of their day, how classrooms might be laid out, seeing friends and playtimes. Establish a routine to help to gradually get them back into their usual morning and bedtime routines as they get closer to their return date.
  3. Provide reassurance. Your child may find it difficult to go back to school because it will be a big change from what they have been asked to do during the pandemic. Talk with your child about ways they can stay safe at school, such as washing their hands before and after eating, and reassure them that the school are putting measures in place to keep them safe.
  4. Think ahead. As well as reflecting on what has happened during the past few weeks, it is important to help children develop hope and a sense of excitement for the future. At a time like this, it can be hard to feel positive, but identifying the things that they can look forward to will help them to realise that the current situation won’t last forever and their feelings will change.
  5. Seek support if you need it. Transitioning back to school after being in lockdown is no easy task. If you or your child is experiencing pressure or stress Darlington Mind provides a confidential helpline where you can get things off your chest or access support in the form of practical advice, counselling and techniques to help you cope and move forward.

For information and to access support please Email:, Telephone: 07432 843161 or visit our Services & Support section where we have lots of services that might be of interest to you.

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