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The Darlington Mind Quality Assurance Promise


The Darlington Mind Quality Assurance Promise

As the leading specialized Mental Health Charity in Darlington & surrounding area you can trust and rely on us to provide you with the quality care and support services that you deserve.

To showcase our commitment to Quality Assurance and to ensure that high Quality Standards are met in every day working life by employees and volunteers, the organisation has embraced & achieves the following rigorous quality standards to offer confidence and trust to people who use or commission Darlington Mind services.

National Mind Awards Darlington Mind Ltd

Level 2 of the Mind Quality Mark

The Mind Quality Mark (MQM) is a robust quality assurance framework developed by National Mind and endorsed by the Charity Commission.

Every local Mind is required to comply with the Mind Quality Mark and submit the required information on time as part of its affiliation agreement with National Mind.

The MQM framework is made up of 23 indicators (across 12 standards) and each local Mind assesses its own progress against the indicators. Every self-assessment is then reviewed by National Mind MQM Review Team who checks that the self-assessment and supporting evidence meet the indicators. They also visited Darlington Mind and interviewed Service Users, Trustees, Staff and Volunteers and verified further evidence against the standards.

By achieving these quality indicators at Level 2 you can trust in Darlington Mind and be confident it is a quality organization.


Darlington Mind paid and unpaid employees will adhere to The Care Certificate set of standards for health and social care workers in their daily working life which are:

  • Understand Your Role
  • Fluids and Nutrition
  • Your Personal Development
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Duty of Care
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Work in a Person Centred Way
  • Basic Life Support
  • Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Privacy and Dignity
  • Handling Information
  • Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability

Staff promise to put social care values into practice in their daily work.

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Darlington Mind paid and unpaid employees will abide by the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England which are to:

  • Be accountable by making sure you can answer for your actions or omissions.
  • Promote and uphold the privacy,dignity, rights, health and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their Carers at all times.

· Work in collaboration with your colleagues to ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and compassionate healthcare, care and support.

· Communicate in an open and effective way to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their Carers.

· Respect a person’s right to confidentiality.

· Strive to improve the quality of healthcare, care and support through continuing professional development.

· Uphold and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.


EFQM Excellence Model

Darlington Mind is committed to the application and framework of the EFQM Excellence Model.